Homemade Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Recipe – For Veganuary. By Patricia Foster McKenley

Stuck for vegan recipe ideas for Veganuary?
Check out this great vegan meal idea! A wholesome, vegan shepherd’s pie recipe. Warming and full of plant based nutrition.

Find out how to make it. Watch the video by Patricia, by clicking on the photo below

Homemade Vegan Shepherd’s Pie – by Patricia Foster McKenley

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Check out the Homemade Plant Based Shepherd’s Pie – by Patricia Foster McKenley

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Patricia Foster McKenley is a vegan coach, holistic wellness coach, award winning poet and founder of YouAreYOU.co

How to Make Spicy, Raw Vegan Walnut Tacos – Vegan Recipe. From Patricia Foster McKenley. For Veganuary.

Looking for vegan recipes for Veganuary? Searching for something nutritious, yet easy to make?

Why not try this unique, spicy raw vegan recipe. Demo by Vegan and Wellness Coach Patricia Foster McKenley. NOT suitable for those with a nut allergy.

To watch the YouTube video and see the demo by Patricia, click on the image below. Hear how she explains the health benefits of raw vegan food.

Video link is https://youtu.be/yyOSZUtP8Rg
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Patricia Foster McKenley is a Vegan Coach, Wellness Consultant, an award winning poet and is the founder of YouAreYOU.co.

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How To Create 4 Simple, Powerful Ways to Stay Positive in Life – by Patricia Foster McKenley

Staying positive in life. Sounds simple, right? With the array of daily challenges presented to us, life can get slightly overwhelming. The aim is to get on top of all the challenges, instead of the challenges getting on top of us and remain positive while doing so. The question is, how can we do this and sustain positivity at the same time? Here are 4 simple ways that can go to making life a little bit more positive for you.

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Patricia is an award-winning poet, published writer, international performer and wellness coach.

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