“I first knew of Patricia’s coaching sessions from a mutual friend, who informed me that she (Patricia) was looking for clients to coach, in order to complete the final element of her coaching coarse.

Our sessions took place via Skype, there was also the option of mobile or landline calls. Patricia was also very flexible with the frequency of the sessions and the times.

The sessions themselves are brilliant. She forces you in a good way to think about whatever issue you the client raises. Personally I’m someone who when a situation arises, my initial response will be I don’t know. She is able to take you from that initial ‘I don’t know’ to clarity. You come away with steps to use to deal with the situation. All of these steps through her guidance comes from you, which is so empowering.
What I love most about the sessions is that there are no right or wrong answers. However through the sessions you will arrive at the right solution for you. In between sessions there are tasks that you will do before the next session, which helps you to stay focused or to help resolve the issue.

I have been a client of Patricia for a couple years and highly recommend her coaching services without hesitation.

Corinne Roberts,
She’s Royal Wraps”