“Dear Patricia Foster,

I was 7 years old when I first met you at Downham Youth I.T. Space. I’ll be 26 years old next month- time flies exceedingly! My brothers and I use to go to computer club every Tuesday and Thursday because tactically we wanted a longer slot on the computers. It was a great recreational distraction for us. We continued to attend religiously until I left primary school to go to secondary school and my brothers developed independence to attend.

I spent the best part of my childhood going there and I’m not sure if I ever expressed my everlasting gratitude to you.

I just want to simply say thank you for having patience with me and being a superb teacher & motivator. I can’t thank you enough for championing me to play educational games rather than Power Pete! (How I miss that game!) I was fortunate enough to see you visit Youth Space on and off again during Secondary school and college. You’ve always gone above and beyond to help me with assignments, Mac tutorials etc- I’ve never forgotten your kind nature and what a good person you are inside and out.

Back then, you were quite bossy and strict to me, but now I understand that you had good intentions and that you were being Motherly by showing that you really cared for my brothers and I.

So thank you Pat for everything. I feel so blessed that you were part of my childhood. My memories will remain with me forever.

Love and prayers,

Ms Pamela Kalu.”