With the increased awareness of food and health conditions, individuals often express their desire to change from a meat based to a meat-free and vegan diet.

Patricia Foster McKenley and YouAreYOU provide a holistic vegan service, which offers one-to-one coaching, group sessions, talks and tasting sessions for individuals new to veganism, with a desire to transition from meat eating to a plant based diet, or who wish to experience  the positive, vitality-giving, age-diminishing benefits of a plant based diet.

Patricia has been a vegan since 1999 and has been told almost daily that she seems to be getting and looking younger. She feels youthful and has lots of vitality and energy. Let her show you how.

Image and text ©️Patricia Foster McKenley

For Coaching, Training, Motivational Talks, Vegan Support, Holistic Wellbeing, Vegan Food Taster Sessions and Workshop Bookings, contact Patricia and YouAreYOU.co on:

Phone: +447956 476 547 (UK) 

Email: info@youareyou.co

Web: YouAreYOU.co 

Twitter: @YouAreYOUco 

Skype: patricia_foster_trainer

Instagram: @YouAreYOU_Wellness_Apparel

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