“Guiding YOU towards the place where you can confidentially unleash and reveal the True, Authentic YOU!”
~ Patricia Foster McKenley

IMG_0787.JPGPhoto: © Patricia Foster McKenley 


For many, life can be a long path of huge transitions, such as:

  • Child birth or child rearing,
  • Finding a new school for your child/children
  • Studying or exams
  • Transition from graduate to successfully employed
  • A change in job or career
  • Relocating yourself or family to another country or city
  • The journey you take after redundancy
  • From single, to engaged to being married
  • Relationship changes, separation or divorce
  • Major illness, injury or surgery – yourself or a loved one
  • Changes in your financial circumstances and all that entails
  • Dealing with life after bereavement
  • A journey of the mind; moving from limiting beliefs, to positive self talk and higher self-esteem

There may be many obstacles – mental and emotional – which emerge on this path. The transitioning or shifting process can be arduous and draining, time consuming, eroding your self esteem at the same time.

Coaching helps you explore the inner tools, actions and solutions needed to journey through your transitional life shift and life change.
Consequently, you will unlock the ability to transform your thinking and self belief.

The Transformation process will include helping you to identify and establish your ultimate dreams, goals and desires, then Transform you towards your personal success and highest potential through your behaviours, actions and belief systems.


YouAreYOU.co provides holistic Coaching, Empowerment and Transformation for those who are Transitioning, Shifting or Changing through a variety of life experiences.

Coaching sessions are with individuals or groups, in person, via Skype or Zoom, or over the phone.

If you’re looking for one-to-one or group coaching, in a safe, confidential atmosphere, then get in touch.

Contact us NOW to Schedule your FREE 30 minute CONSULTATION.

Call +447956 476 547 (UK)
Email info@youareyou.co

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