YouAreYOU was founded in 2014 by Patricia Foster McKenley, Qualified Life Coach (Dip NMC), who focuses on Transition Transformation & Empowerment 


YouAreYOU delivers Holistic Coaching, Personal Development Workshops, Talks, Training and Education Projects in The UK and Internationally.

We work with:

  • Children,
  • Teenagers,
  • NEETs (Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training),
  • Girls / Young Women,
  • Women,
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • EBD (Emotional Behavioural Disorders) Students,
  • Corporate Team Building,
  • Writers,
  • Artists,
  • Creative Practitioners,
  • Creative Entrepreneurs,
  • Health and Wellbeing Practitioners,
  • Holistic Health Seekers,
  • Vegans


At YouAreYOU, we love to work with clients who are experiencing crucial shifts and changes, as well as major transitional life experiences, while striving to meet their dreams and goals. Our delight is in seeing how their lives flourish and transform.

Our work also centres on Sensitive Children and Sensitive Adults, who have a much gentler approach to life and may be overwhelmed by their transitional life experiences. We invite clients to face their fears and find the answers to accomplish their goals.

We work with the whole person: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Our work is heart centred; something we are very passionate about.

We also work in partnership with other agencies, both in The UK and abroad.

Photo: Karlene Jackson. Workshop attendees at Every Woman Inspired, Jamaica.
Photo: Karlene Jackson. Our workshop attendees at the ‘Every Woman Inspired’ conference, Jamaica, October 2014.


ABOUT Our Founder


Patricia Foster McKenley is a qualified Coach, Award-Winning Poet, Poet-In-Residence for Sable Litmag, Certified Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Published Writer, Speaker, Trainer,
Holistic and Wellbeing Advisor, IT Expert and self-confessed Geek, Blogger, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Anti-Ageing and Youthfulness Coach, and passionate Vegan.

She divides her time between Coaching, Writing, Training, Workshop Facilitating and being a Motivational Speaker. She is a great listener, with an empathic approach to the client’s needs. Patricia also has a natural tendency to leave people feeling uplifted and empowered after speaking with her.

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