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We Empower You To rewrite your personal script and take the Lead Role in your own life.” ~ Patricia Foster McKenley
Founded by Patricia Foster McKenley;
Qualified Life Coach (Dip NMC), Award-Winning Poet, Mentor,
Internationally Published Writer, Speaker and Trainer

IMG_4587Photo: C. Powell

“Strategically working and partnering with YOU; to transform YOU to your highest human potential. To the Authentic YOU!”
~ Patricia Foster McKenley

Experiencing major life changes, shifts or transitions?

Are you wondering how to manouver through them?

Are you feeling stuck?

At YouAreYOU, we are here to Help the ‘Life Transitioning’ You Successfully Reach the Authentic YOU!

You Are You! You Are your Mind, Body and Spirit. YouAreYOU works with all aspects of You. The Whole YOU. Resurrecting your Mind, Body and Spirit to wholeness!

At at any given time, we will transition through a major life experience, such as a career change, divorce or bereavement. These transitions can be uncomfortable, or even traumatic.

At YouAreYOU, we are therefore committed to Empowering and Transforming the lives of those Transitioning through a variety of life experiences; from a holistic ‘whole person’ perspective.

“Empowering and Transforming lives in transition, from a holistic perspective”
~ YouAreYOU

What methods do we use to help YOU move forward?

We Are here to assist the ‘Life Transitioning’ You in your quest to become the Transformed YOU, through Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Motivational and Empowerment Talks, Educational Programmes and Healing.


Our aim is to guide, amongst many, Women, Girls, Sensitive Children and Creative Entrepreneurs/Practitioners to ease your transitioning. Helping you receive clarity of thought about what your goals are; to create positive, highly effective habits and facilitate your transformation.


  • Empowering and transforming the lives of young people, adults and children
  • Raising confidence levels in adult learners
  • Providing life guidance, mentoring and emotional support for disaffected young adults
  • Providing young offenders on reparation orders with empowering tools, multimedia solutions as well as pastoral guidance and coaching
  • Empowering young people, women and men in prisons
IMG_0423.JPG Patricia Foster McKenley, facilitating a personal development workshop, at the 'Every Woman Inspired' conference in Kingston, Jamaica (November 2013). Photo: Denise HallPatricia Foster McKenley, facilitating a personal development workshop, at the ‘Every Woman Inspired’ conference in Kingston, Jamaica. Photo: Denise Hall
IMG_2241 Patricia Foster McKenley delivering a Vegan & Healthy Eating Talk, at the 'Bring and Fix' Event, south London (November 2012). Photo: Karen SmallPatricia Foster McKenley delivering a Vegan & Healthy Eating Talk, at the ‘Bring and Fix’ Event, south London. Photo: Karen Small
Patricia Foster McKenley delivering a motivational talk at the Be{YOU}tiful Women’s Conference, April 16 2016. Photo by Esame Okwoche.
Patricia Foster McKenley delivering a talk at the Be{YOU}tiful Women’s Conference, 16 April 2016. Photo: Esame Okwoche

YouAreYOU also delivers Personal Development and Empowerment Workshops as well as Healthy Eating Talks at Conferences, Seminars, Retreats, Inset Training and Corporate Events

Contact YouAreYOU to receive guidance, to ease through your Life Transitions.

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