Corinne Roberts – She’s Royal Wraps

“I first knew of Patricia’s coaching sessions from a mutual friend, who informed me that she (Patricia) was looking for clients to coach, in order to complete the final element of her coaching course. […More…]


Karen E. Fogg, 5th Grade Teacher, Beye School, Chicago, USA


I just wanted you to know how much my class and I enjoyed your poetry and the workshop. You definitely inspired some already aspiring writers. You should hear what they have produced and continue to improve on. We’ve […More…]


Ms Pamela Kalu – Graduate, Media Coordinator, PR Executive

“Dear Patricia Foster,

I was 7 years old when I first met you at Downham Youth I.T. Space. I’ll be 26 years old next month- time flies exceedingly! My brothers and I use to go to computer club every Tuesday and Thursday because tactically we


Silhouette Bushay, PGLTHE FHEA – Lecturer in Education Studies, University of East London

“I have had the pleasure of working with Patricia during the 2016 ElevateHer Conference at the University of East London. Patricia performed her wonderful poetry with conference attendees and delivered a workshop focusing […more…]