Mission Statement:

“We exceed learning outcomes by delivering dynamic training solutions through Coaching, Literacy, ICT and Digital Media to young people and adults of ALL ages.”


“Our clients will always walk away feeling inspired, valued, empowered and with a high sense of achievement”.

At YouAreYOU, we combine coaching tools, poetry, video, music and discussion to deliver empowering workshops to

• children of all key stages and learning abilities,

• young people,

• girls & young women

• adults of all ages.

Our workshops can be found in:

• Schools

• Universities

• Churches

• Youth groups

• Community Organisations

• Seminars

• Retreats

Our approach to education is unique, empathic, holistic, creative and empowering.  We aim to help improve lives and wellbeing through coaching, poetry, writing, creativity, multi media, consultancy and holistic health & nutrition advice.

YouAreYOU.co can create a Bespoke Workshop, or Training Package, which includes the following:


•Self-Esteem for Teens

•Building Confidence in IT

•Delivering ‘Social Media’ and ‘Social Networking’ workshops for Freelancers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

•Private Computer Training for adults

YouAreYOU.co founder Patricia Foster McKenley has had over twenty years experience as as an educator, trainer and facilitator in a variety of settings. Below she comments on where she has worked:

Where I Have Worked

I facilitate successful workshops and have worked at events and schools in Chicago, as well as across London for Apples And Snakes, Kids Company, London Borough of Lewisham, T4H (Therapy 4 Healing), Lewisham Libraries and North Downham After School Project. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 I delivered Writing and Personal Development Workshops in Kingston and Ocho Rios, Jamaica at the  Every Woman Inspired (EWI) International Women’s Conference and Seminar. In 2006, I facilitated a workshop for BBC London Radio’s Family History Day at the British Library. In 2017 and 2019, I was a special guest poet and Workshop facilitator at the Mboka Festival (Gambia).

Delivering a personal development workshop at Every Woman Inspired, Jamaica. 2013. Photo: D Henry. Delivering a personal development workshop at Every Woman Inspired, Jamaica. 2013. Photo: D Henry.

Poetry Workshop delivered for Lewisham Library, 2014. Photo: A Dobell. Poetry Workshop delivered for Lewisham Library, 2014. Photo: A Dobell.

I have worked In successful partnership with community organisations such as T4H (Therapy 4 Healing), Artefacts Edutainment, Sage Educational Trust, Lewisham Youth Offending Service and Cavendish Special School and Community Links.

I am also a Life Coach, Award-Winning Internationally published Poet – performing Internationally in Europe and The USA, a Reiki Healer and Vegan.

My client list includes young people with SENs, Aspergers, ADHD, EBDs, Excludees, as well as those on the Autistic Spectrum, whom I work with through the mediums of
▪️comic making
▪️spoken word
▪️music and lyric making
producing positive results and confidence building outcomes.  I have also run workshops with young people, using creativity and technology for ‘stress management’ and ‘anger management’ for T4H (Therapy 4 Healing).

My background:

Delivering and ICT session at The Youth IT Space, Downham. Photo: D Lloyd. Delivering an ICT session at The Youth IT Space, Downham. Photo: D Lloyd.

I ran the Youth IT Space at Downham Library, for Lewisham Library Service  2003 – 2011, a unique ICT suite and education and learning space, delivering curriculum ICT sessions, film making, music/Lyric making and animation workshops, as well as working with notable partners/organisations in Lewisham and south-east London.

I have also worked with the following:

• BBC London Radio (As a freelance facilitator)

• Every Woman Inspired (EWI) International Women’s Conference and Seminar (As a freelance facilitator)

• Sage Educational Trust,

• Lewisham Education Business Partnership

• YDC – Youth Diversity Challenge

• Lewisham Youth Offending Service

• Cavendish School, Bermondsey (children excluded from mainstream schools – provides “specialist support for those with emotional, behavioural or literacy difficulties”.)

• Lewisham Youth Service

• Denise Gallagher – Autistic Spectrum Disorder Outreach Team, Kaleidoscope

• T4H (Therapy 4 Healing) As a freelance Project Manager and facilitator

• Nurseries and Primary/Secondary Schools in Downham and Bellingham

For further information, please visit the following web links:








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